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Sealtight® Fasteners are cold formed from the highest quality materials. Only Sealtight® Technology guarantees a 100% fail-safe fastener assured to seal in the most critical environments. ISO9001 standards insure that the precise measurements of Sealtight® Technology’s Current U.S. & Intl. Patents are followed throughout the manufacturing process. Don’t gamble on dangerous knock-offs made from outdated patents that expose you to costly Fastener Failure and risky product liability. Count on Sealtight® Technology to enhance your latest, most advanced applications.


Self-Sealing Fasteners: past, present and future

Fasteners of the Future

The Ticking Time Bomb



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Common Misconceptions with Self-Sealing Fasteners

Recognizing the Difference in Self-Sealing Fastener Products

Improper O-rings Cause Self-Sealing Fastener Failure

The Latest in Coating Technology


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Whether you need to seal against the environment, or you need a product that will guarantee to seal against liquids, gases, vacuum, vibration or high pressure in any temperature range; Sealtight® Fasteners are the perfect sealing solution for every application.

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